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Adventist Education Is Here To Stay- 100 Day Challenge Launch

by Desiree Rolle-Forbes, Education Director, NBC / Freeport Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

On Sabbath afternoon, April 30, 2016, excitement filled the air as the 100-Day Challenge was launched. Faces were beaming. Students were anxious. The moderator, Elder Charles Stewart, school board member, dressed smartly in his Grand Bahama Academy (GBA) School uniform began the afternoon activities, which was held at Freeport Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Grand Bahama. Members from the churches on the island of Abaco were able to view the program via the Internet.

Elder Stewart was not the only adult student on the program. Mrs. Dericka Missick, Parent Teacher’s Association President, accompanied by Mr. Kemelo Porteus, Music teacher, both proudly attired in uniform, led the congregation in singing the conference’s theme song, The Power of Your Love. The congregation sang lustily, joining hands as a symbol of love and unity. At that moment you knew something good was about to happen.

The talent of the staff and students of GBA, in their united efforts, gave exceptional performances indicative that Adventist Christian education is here to stay. The choral speaking of the students from our elementary school represented their mental acumen along with the skills and commitment of our educators. The staff chorale reminded the congregation that God is still working. The selections by the high school choir and pantomime team were beautifully performed and executed. Emotions were high as persons were mesmerized by not only the students’ abilities but also their willingness to share their talents for ministry. Parents and well-wishers were drawn to tears.

Mrs. Karenda Swain, Education Secretary from the Blessed Hope Church, revealed that her support for Christian education gave her the impetus to fit in her GBA uniform. She guided an inspiring parent testimonials segment. Elder Nero Russell, Blessed Hope Church, Mrs. Sarah Rahming, Shiloh Church, and Elder Paul Thompson, Eight Mile Rock Church, clearly stated their support for Adventist Christian education by enrolling their children at our school. All testimonies indicated that our children are to be enrolled in our school, despite the challenges of personal finance. Elder Stewart shared he could afford to send his children to any school and did so for a while but one visit to GBA’s campus gave him the assurance to change his decision. He is now an advocate for Adventist Christian education

Mrs. Desiree Forbes, Education Director, also adorned in the school’s uniform, led the church in the 100-Day Challenge Jingle. The words of the jingle, aptly expressed the intent of the initiative in challenging each member to give one dollar, a day, for one hundred days while uniting for expansion, excellence and eternity. Utilizing the Biblical example of Nehemiah, Pastor Henry Moncur, President and School Board Chairman, implored the membership to build a wall of excellence for Christian education that will endure even beyond our generation. Leading by example, Pastor Moncur, joined by Mrs. Moncur, along with conference administrators gave their donations toward the challenge. Pastor Peter Kerr, Executive Secretary of Atlantic Caribbean Union, indicated his elation with the afternoon proceedings and made a donation on behalf of the union. His gesture received exuberant approval from the congregation. Delivering the prayer of commitment and benediction was Pastor Andrew Burrows, Executive Secretary. It was a fitting end to a worthwhile challenge: excellence in Adventist Christian education. So, 100 days we all the way! Yeah! Yeah!

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